Frequently Asked Questions


What type of merchandise do you have?

ABC 123 Holiday Shop carries a complete selection of gift items. The items include general/every day, family titles, pet, novelty, jewelry, licensed sports & novelty items and religious.  

What are the prices of your merchandise?

The items are priced to sell in the range of $.25 to $10.25 with the majority under $6.00. We can customize your order to include more or less of different priced items.  

What does it cost?

 The only cost associated with this program is the cost of the merchandise you do not return. All shipping, delivery and reorder costs, as well as, supplies associated with the program are all part of the program and do not incur an additional cost.  

What does the organization do with left over merchandise?

All merchandise is on consignment, meaning the group only pays for what it does not return. At the time of delivery we will schedule a date to pickup any unsold merchandise.  

What if we run low on an item?

We encourage our schools to run their sale like a "Going out of Business" sale. Direct the child towards another item in the same category but we understand there are hot in-demand items. If your sale is up to 3 days you are allowed one reorder.  If your sale is more than 3
days you are allowed two reorders. 

How much does the organization make?

The profit that your group makes is based entirely on how much you mark up the merchandise, we have 3 pricing tiers that you can choose from (15%, 25% or 30%) or you have the option to create your own price code tier.