Full Service Holiday Shop

  • Gifts and supplies are sent on consignment so there is no pre-payment required!
  • Guaranteed & Risk Free! You only pay for what you sell!
  • No inventory option!
  • We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy on the quality of our products.
  • Free Shipping on all orders & reorders
  • Free Supplies! We will send you a complete kit to run your shop including an organizers guide, cash register & cash register app, hallway posters, table cloths, parent letters, budget envelopes, price tally cards, plastic “take home” bags and gift bags in three sizes.
  • Treasure Chest – do you have students that may need some financial aid? No worries, we supply you with some merchandise free of charge to put into a “treasure chest” that we supply and you can let those students shop from there.
  • Choose your profit!  Depending on whether you are running your shop as a service or a fundraiser we offer 3 pricing tiers (15%, 25% or 30%) with prices varying between $0.25 to $10.25. Don’t love our tiers? No problem we also offer a custom tier and you can create your own pricing.
  • Next day reorders when you email/text by 2:00pm.

Cash & Carry Supplements

  • Does your school prefer to run its own shop and purchase products from local retailers? No problem, you can make an appointment to visit our NE Philadelphia warehouse and we can help you fill in the gaps with a selection of over 150 items in each of the categories that you are looking for! 

Mother's Day / Father's Day Shop

  • A Mother's Day/Father's Day shop is a unique opportunity to run a smaller scale shop allowing students to purchase gifts for those special women  in their life. We have a beautiful selection of plaques, trinkets and jewelry for Mom's and Grandma's. 
  • At the same time you can choose to allow students to shop for Dad's and Grandpa's for Father's Day.  Additional items in other titles can be sent upon request.   
  • You can choose to run these shops on consignment, returning what you don't sell or visit us and hand pick the items using our cash & carry service.

Other Fundraising

  • Snifty Pencils! Add them to your school store or sell them separately.
  • Need items for your school store? Look no more, we can help you with that, add school supplies, little toys & trinkets.